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Surprise in Pennsylvania

Morning, CrackerJacks! We're meeting today in Lykens and I've just had a great surprise!

Like last time we were here, I stayed in The Lodge at Lykens Valley. This morning I asked for recommendations for breakfast. The lodge host excitedly handed me a menu for a local place called Peace of Mind Cafe saying it was the best place in town. The menu looked good but the surprise was the atmosphere and service. This place is great!! Frankly, the little town of Millersburg is very quaint and has other food options as well that I'll explore later. It's about 25 mins away from the shoot site but I'm charmed and will definitely keep coming here as long as we have shoots at Lykens. I hope you guys will check it all out yourselves.

I will also check to see if it can arrange for a group discount at The Lodge.

See you guys soon!


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