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The Board of Directors


Maziar "Maz" M.


Homebase: Virginia

Real profession: IT professional who has done it all.

Type of pyro: Casual shooter who has done pyro-musicals but enjoys the thrill and randomness of open shooting.

Why I'm a member:  I love the opportunity to spend time outdoors together with others who appreciate our hobby and lifestyle.

The club works best when we all contribute. Get involved to get the most out of the club!

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Wes B.

VP, North Region


Bryan T.

VP, South Region

Homebase: Manassas, VA

Real Profession: Systems Engineering Technical Advisor supporting the US Government

Type of Pyro: Lead shooter and assistant show designer for Innovative Pyrotechnic Concepts. Enjoy integrating various types of pyrotechnic effects to create evolving scenes. Building is intriguing, but is not yet a developed skill! 


Why a CJ: Originally joined the CJ's club to be able to shoot fireworks legally and to learn how to do so safely and properly. Remain a member for the camaraderie and joy of fireworks in all their various aspects. 


Other Stuff: Give me color over big booms - though booms have their place! :-)

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Greg B.

VP, ???


Bob F.

Treasurer (for over 20 years!)

Homebase: Washington, DC

Profession: IT and Facilities Manager

Type of pyro: open shooter

Why I'm a member: to see what people are building, shooting, and choreographing. I enjoy getting away from work and seeing other members enjoy their firework passion.

Daron O.

Daron O.

Secretary, VP of Communications

Homebase: Reading, PA

Profession: R&D Manager, Med Tech

Type of pyro: mostly a spectator but enjoys assisting set up on small shows and LOVES girandolas

Why I'm a member: CrackerJacks offers a phenomenal community, great comradery, and family-friendly events that serve as a safe place to learn and grow as a pyro. 

Willow, fireworks dog


Unofficial Mascot


Homebase: wherever's comfortable

Profession: napper & cuddler

Type of pyro: spectator who prefers rockets and watching shows from a warm lap

Why I'm a member: shoots are really just parties for me with all my friends! I get treats, sticks, and lots of lovin'. Join today and come see me at the next shoot!

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