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About CrackerJacks, Inc.

The CrackerJacks is a social club for fireworks-enthusiasts to share ideas and experiences. Club members include professional pyrotechnicians, dedicated hobbyists, and novices who enjoy safely and legally making and shooting fireworks. We hold events primarily in Virginia and central Pennsylvania. Events may include seminars, display setup, manufacturing, but always include LOTS of booms!

CrackerJacks is a registered not-for-profit corporation that holds a Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) license that enables the club to store, manufacture and use fireworks. Along with our BATFE license, the club follows all DOT, state, and local regulations. We obtain applicable permits and notify local authorities, including police and fire departments before our events. We encourage everyone to follow all applicable laws regarding the sale, storage, transportation, and discharge of fireworks.

If you’re looking to make “M-80s” or other illegal fireworks, or don’t intend to engage in our hobby in a safe and legal manner; you are definitely in the wrong place.

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