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New Year, New Magazine!

Alright, everyone, we are fully moved into our new magazine and it is a thing of beauty!

We had no problem clearing out the Colonial Beach mag and hauling it all to Culpeper. The real fun started when I got to the site to unload the truck and got stuck in the mud some 50+ feet away from the mag!! After all the careful planning and coordination we were thrown the curveball of having to walk the product a good 50+ feet to the mag and not being able to use the hand-truck or any other labor savings. Here were are, four 50+ year old men with heart conditions, humping all these moldy, disintegrating boxes through the cold-cold wind! But it all worked out just fine. Justin B got an updated inventory and we loaded all the old stuff in order of "burn pile" and "useful stuff".

Here's the smiling crew after it was all done.

Bryan, Justin, Frank and James standing proud!

The last fun part of the day was when our amazing and generous landlords came with a truck to pull the U-Haul out of the mud. The guys watching me get yanked out of the mud backwards laughed their butts off, saying that i looked shocked like I was on a roller coaster! Shame we didn't get video of that.

The best part of this is that we now have a ton of room for storage, in a place that loves having us there. We are very grateful for our landlord's graciousness and support. I'm not naming names but they know who they are!

Last but not least, a huge thanks to Bryan who made a lot of this happen and will be on point for the club dealing with the logistics in the future. I know Anthony is super excited to get his hands on the stuff there and keep filling it up and emptying it for his Apocalyptic Shows!

See you all in the spring!


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