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Glad we waited!!

Hey there, friends!

We're almost there for our year-end event and I think waiting the additional two weeks really worked in our favor!

1) The weather is going to be amazing! Even Clean-Up Sunday is going to be fantastic!

2) The Anthonys Crew got 2 more weeks to pack in more to the shows and coordinate logistics and set the stage for Pumpkin Bustin'!

3) We had time to move our new mag to its new home. Thanks to Dr. Bob Pavlosky who's generous gift of Pyrobilia helped fund the move! Speaking of Pyrobilia make sure to stop by and check out some of the collectibles that are still available.

4) We got an invite out to our MAPAG friends to join us.

We've had a lot of RSVPs but I know some people are missing from our list... So if you are still on the fence, look at that beautiful weather forecast and RSVP now!

For more event details check out this Forums post here:

See you all there!


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