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End of 2023 Missive

Happy new year, CrackerJacks!

As I think back on 2023 and what the club achieved I feel pretty proud. We had several successful events in new sites in Pennsylvania (thanks to Daron & Dave O'Donald), that have even asked us back! We had a good showing at PyroJam, where we let hundreds of people know that there are such things as fireworks clubs that they can join to blow things up themselves. We successfully installed a new magazine in Culpeper. Raised a couple thousand dollars through donations and raffles. But what I'm most proud of is that we once again burnt down an impressive swath of farm land in culpeper! 🤣

We've maintained our membership numbers and kept a decent bank balance to pay our insurance and logistical needs for our events. I think we're doing well as a club. But the club can grow a little further and fund a few more activities in the coming year. For next year, we'll try again to schedule a PGI DOC course. We'll do another big show so the Anthonys Crew get rid of their left-overs! And we'll see what other trouble we can get into.

There is one thing that we need your help with ASAP. We need to move the remaining product out of the magazine in Colonial Beach before the end of January. We need volunteers to load up the truck on one end and help unload the truck on the other end. We are tentatively looking at the weekend of January 13 and 14 to do this. There will be a sign-up form coming out shortly where you can pledge your support.

Also, our tentative calendar of events is listed below. As always we have to work with the land owners and municipalities to lock in dates. So we'll let you know those as soon as we get that worked out.

Calendar of Possibilities

- Mar - Front Royal VA

- Apr - Beckville PA - 2-days - PGI DOC

- May - Culpeper VA

- Jun - Orwigsburg PA

- Sep - Lykens PA

- Oct - Culpeper VA - 2 days

Thanks for making this the best pyro club in the country! I know we'll have even more fun in 2024. Until then may your fuses light, your lift cups stay dry, and your bangs be in the sky!

Stay Green.

~Maz and your CJ Board

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What was that at the end lol



I can help out in culpeper(frank kovanic)


I can't post how i rung in the new year...... :) but it was fireworks!!!! lol

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