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Culpeper October Event Rescheduling

All, it is with great embarrassment and regret that I inform you that we need to reschedule the October event for Culpeper to November 3-4.

Because your illustrious club President missed a 30-day deadline, our application was submitted too late and was denied. The county administrator handling our case has been extremely supportive of our club in the past, and was very apologetic that he could not approve this application. He noted that because of new policies in Culpeper all permits need to posted to the county public website and having an application that was submitted after a deadline would not be in our best interest and would be a problem for his offices. This would effectively become red meat for those in the county that are not fans of our hobby. We don't want to add fuel to the fire in these localities around fireworks usage, nor put those who are our supporters in a position they can't defend.

All that to say that we have to now move our event to Nov 3-4, and I am personally very sorry that this has happened. Believe me, this does not fit into my November plans either, but I hope it's easier for you to pivot and still come out to our favorite spot for a weekend of fun.

One silver lining is that this gives Anthony Bova, and the crew putting on the show, a few more days to get things together!

This also gives you all a chance to find and elect a club President who can keep on top of all this and not cause chaos!

Again, I am truly sorry about this situation and hope that you all can come out in Nov and still have a great time then.


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