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Board Meeting Minutes April 3, 2024

Updated: Apr 3


Finance Update

  • Bank Balance - $25k

    • $3800 liability insurance

    • $900 FroRo costs

  • New members/subscriptions - check Payments on Wix

  • Upcoming expenses - $1k DNO insurance - Beckville expenses (get dumpster) - Maz reimbursement

Recap of latest event

  • March in FroRo - ~40 ppl

  • Vending uptick during quiet hours

  • Concern around "IEDs" and impact on the communities around us

    • All clubs face this problem (NLPC / PA Pyros lost sites over this)

    • prohibit 1.3g salutes

    • define guidelines for max salute sizes and publish for any event

    • limit salutes to a defined time (one hour, 2 @ 30 mins, etc.)

    • be clear and message rules/limits up front

    • enforce rules

Upcoming shoots

  • Beckville and PGI-DOC Course

    • Dumpster order

    • Community outreach to smooth feathers

    • FD there Sat for sure - Fri possibility

    • Maz to contact Graylin for logistics

    • Bova to help with course

    • 50/50 raffle


  • Updated use of CJML - to be discussed

  • DJO to review Board Only Blog Posts and Pages to ensure proper visibility

  • DEO II to develop Safety Briefing Checklist

    • Reiterate Site Rules

    • make sure everyone has bracelets


  • Fileshare for documents - Maz to move stuff from G Drive

  • NLPC shared events in Sept - too much going on to support this - counter with 2-day in Culpeper

  • Pre safety briefing Safety Officer Training

    • dos & don't laminated cheat-sheet

    • "no lighting and discharging of pyro devices outside of the designated areas" (e.g., no dumpsters, parking areas, roadway, etc.)

  • Bova Seminar "how to assess salute sizes"!

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