Valley View PA Details

Where: Valley View Park
2 Gun Club Road
Valley View, PA 22733

When: May 14-15, 2021
Duration: Registration 12pm* / Open Shooting 3pm-9pm

What: Open Shooting, Vending, Pyrobilia, and 4×4 competition!
Saturday night show by our favorite Spring Time Pyro, Bill Turner.

Accommodations: Valley View has various options. Please read reviews to make your choice. 
Camping is an option here as well.

Vendors: Where would we be without our vendors?!

Food: Pizza from Bixler’s Legendary Pizza. Other options might be available.

4×4 Competition: This 4×4 event is only for bragging rights, so if we don’t get the rules “right” or even abide by them, we should have fun with it.
Guidelines: All you can fit into a 4×4 board or spot in the field and light with one fuse. Interpret that as fantastically as your imagination allows.

Don’t forget the more we clean up Saturday night the less we have to worry about Sunday morning!

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