pgi_course_7_09Training and Safety go hand-in-hand in keeping everyone involved from hobbyist and display operators to spectators at a public display safe. The club regularly offers the PGI Display Operators course as a way to further its goal of maintaining the highest safety standards. Not only do the CrackerJacks train shooters, but we also train others to become PGI Certified Trainers. We have several Certified Trainers in the club.

Seminars are often offered at shoots, covering everything from electrical firing and choreography to the latest fireworks manufacturing techniques. In the past, seminars have covered classic firework designs, plastic shell construction, end burning drivers, Clark’s giant steel fountains, and fronts using products entirely manufactured by members.

Seminars are taught by members ranging from experienced hobbyists to leading experts in the field, including members who participate in world class firework competitions, PGI Grandmasters and those who worked on the largest fireworks show ever.

In addition to training shooters and display operators, we also train Fire Marshals from Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, New York, and New Jersey.


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