Salute Policy

Over the past few years the Board has experienced an increasing number of complaints and/or safety issues revolving around the use of ground and aerial salutes. Procedures acceptable in a personal venue are not always acceptable at a club event, and sometimes what would seem to be a common sense practice is lacking. It is for these reasons that (very reluctantly) the Board has decided to establish guidelines for the use ground salutes.

1. For the purpose of this policy, ground salutes are divided into two categories; those containing up to 10 grams of flash powder or report composition, and those containing greater than 10 grams of flash powder or report composition. M-80’s, cherry bombs, ashcans, silver salutes, firecrackers, celebration crackers and similar devices, whether commercially, or member made, are included in these definitions.

2. The board reserves the right to approve, deny, limit, restrict or otherwise control the use of and number of ground salutes containing 10 or more grams of flash at an event. All members wishing to discharge ground salutes containing 10 grams or more of flash must get permission from a board member prior to discharging the devices.

3. All Ground salutes containing 10 grams or more of flash/report composition shall be suspended by a cord or string from a wooden frame that holds the device a minimum of 3 feet above the ground and at least 3 feet from the wooden frame, or suspended by a string or cord attached to a steel cable suspended between two or more stakes supporting the cable. The stakes and cable must suspend the device(s) 3 feet or more above the ground, and in such a manner to not cause damage to the cable when the device is discharged.

The frame and/or suspension cable shall be supplied, set up and removed by the party who wishes to discharge the salute(s), with the setup approved by a designated member of the Safety Committee, or a Board Member. The approving person shall be onsite and present at the event.

4. Double Voice salutes, designed to be set off on the ground will be discharged in a separate area and on a metal plate or other device designed to prevent the scattering of rocks, stones and/or debris. 

5. Ground Salutes containing less than 10 grams of flash or report composition must be suspended or placed on a “firecracker horse” or other device so as to limit or prevent damage to the ground and scattering of rocks and/or debris upon discharge.

6. Ground Salutes should never be discharged directly on the ground. 

7. Ground salutes shall NEVER be held in the hand and ignited.

8. an aerial salute shall NEVER be utilized as a ground salute.

9. If salutes are to be manufactured during a shoot, they must be made by the ‘binary’ method.

10. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL THERE BE ANY OPEN FLASH COMPOSITION permitted in the manufacturing area or elsewhere at club events.

11. All manufacturing of salutes must be approved by the safety person present at the manufacturing site.

12. No composition other than flash powder (metal and oxidizer) or black powder shall be manufactured or discharged at a club event. Reports containing high explosives, including peroxide compounds are prohibited.

13. Visco fuse or electrical initiation is the only approved method for ignition.

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