Safety LogoSafety is the primary concern of the CrackerJacks. Every member is required to know, understand and follow the Safety Guidelines. All club activities are closely supervised by our Safety Team to ensure that members can safetly enjoy our mutual hobby of pyrotechnics.

Safety training is provided to club members and others on a wide range of topics including; storage, handling, transportation, display setup/operation and even manufacturing. The Pyrotechnic Guild International (PGI), which is also dedicated to fireworks safety, developed the PGI Display Operator Certification also know as the PGI Shooter’s Course. This course is regularly offered by the CrackerJacks.

The PGI Display Operator Certification is for anyone who wishes to work with display fireworks, as such the public is often invited to attend. Some members have gone on to become PGI Certified Trainers.

Our Safety Guidelines are designed to promote the development of knowledge and skill in the use or various pyrotechnic effects, while ensuring the safety of our member and their guests. Accomplishing this goal requires everyone to conduct themselves responsibly and comply with all Safety Officer directives.

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