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Happy Sunday Morning, CJs! It's been a while since we chatted. I know many of you are either at PGI in Iowa, or going there today. I'm stuck in VA and jealous of all the fun you are about to have, but I do have an update to share with you! As you hopefully have seen, our upcoming Sept 10th gathering is in a new place in PA. We have been invited by the Erdman Sportsman's Association to their venue in Erdman PA, which is in the township of Lykens. It's a beautiful spot nestled among farmlands in the hills. Our Hosts have been extremely gracious in providing us with their shelter, bathroom facilities and dumpsters and are not charging us a fee to be there. Oh, and feeding us cheaply! In return we will do an evening show for them and their families. This is where YOU come in. We are looking for a volunteer to design a show using 1.4 and 1.3 product, 3" max. (We have a bit of space, but since this is our first event there, we want to limit ourselves to 3" to make sure we are not spilling over onto the neighbor's farms and will be invited back!) The club will provide you a $2000 budget and help with some of the logistics, but we need you to bring your A-game to put together something to wow our Hosts. If this is your first time doing your own show, no worries! You know there are plenty of members who are willing to give you advice and guidance in design and execution. And you will have plenty of help in getting the field set up, since all your CJ friends will have all day to help. If we get multiple volunteers, we will connect you together and perhaps you can do a collaborative show. So now, who wants to step up and show us what you can do?!? Just send the Board a note at board@crackerjacks.org. Oh... October is set for our annual Culpeper VA visit and we have some big plans for that too! But that will be for next weekend's update. Hope you have a great week ahead. Drop us a note about volunteering for Sept and we'll see you all soon! ~Maz and Your CJ Board

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