Membership Policies

(Ratified, December 2010)

Creating a fair fee schedule is a tough task, regardless or choices some members receive a higher value for their money than others. The membership was surveyed prior to the Winter Meeting and developed the following policies which were ratified on December 11, 2010.

The most notable difference is that the initiation fee was eliminated. The fee schedule has also been simplified.


  • Membership
    • $150.00 “early renewal” discounted rate for current members renewing before April 1st.
    • $200.00 for current members renewing on or after April 1st.
    • $200.00 for new members or former members.
    • $3750.00 lifetime membership.
  • Guests
    • $65.00 for passes purchased before April 1st.
    • $75.00 for passes purchased on or after April 1st.

Fees and Payment Policies:

  • There are no fees for most events. There may be a fee for special events or courses to defray costs.
  • All payments are non-refundable, including those for lifetime membership.
  • The Board of Directors nor any other club member makes any assertions as to what events, resources or publications will be available in the future.
  • Members who join after the October shoot will be signed up for the current year and the following year.


  • Must be sponsored by a member in attendance at the event.
  • Must arrive before 5:00 p.m. on the day of the event.
  • May not purchase or accept delivery of fireworks, pyrotechnic compositions or chemicals.
  • May not ignite Class B fireworks, manufacture fireworks or bring Class B or home-made devices to events.
  • May ignite Class C fireworks in the designated area with their sponsor present.
  • May attend some classes and seminars, please check availability.
  • Passes are valid for the calendar year in which they were purchased.
  • No refund or replacement for unused guest passes.
  • May upgrade, for price difference, to full membership during current event.
    • Upgrade option expires after the event.
  • No limit to the number of times you may be a guest.

Member Family:

Your Member Family includes you (the primary member), your significant other and your children under the age of 21.

Children must be the biological child, legally adopted child or legal ward of the Primary Member or their Significant Other. (Your children’s friends, live-in dependents, relatives, etc. must attend as guests.)

Significant Other is your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend. They must be named on your membership application and sign the Disclaimer & Release.

Only the primary member may vote, answer surveys, receive the Passfire or sponsor a guest. Other family members, as defined above, may attend the events without buying a guest pass. Significant Other’s as defined above may join the CJML and receive the CJ E-News.

Adult children the primary member may join the club as a new member at the renewal rate.


Members may request guest passes at no cost to allow the primary member’s biological or legally adoptive parents to attend one shoot per year. Parents must follow all guest rules, which means they are basically allowed to watch and shoot Class C. Parents must show identification at the gate.

This special privilege is intended only as a way for a member to allow their parents, who are otherwise not interested in pyrotechnics, to share in their child’s experience. We want to make it clear that sneaking in relatives, friends, or parent-like adults using this rule is very distasteful. We kindly ask that families where both parent and adult child are active in fireworks to purchase separate memberships.

Lifetime Membership:

Lifetime Membership is primarily a way to recognize a member for making a significant investment in the CrackerJacks Fireworks Club. Lifetime memberships must be purchased in cash and not product or other trade. Lifetime Membership will always cover any fees as if you were a renewing member. As the fee structure changes, the board reserves the right to alter what is included.

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