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Lifetime Membership is primarily a way to recognize a member for making a significant investment in the CrackerJacks.

A Lifetime Membership enables the primary member, their significant other, and their dependents to attend CrackerJacks shoots and events.  The primary member will receive our newsletter, the Passfire, and may participate in the CJML, the CrackerJacks Mailing List.

Dependents must be 1) the biological child,  the legally adopted child, or the legal ward of the primary member or of the primary member’s significant other and 2) under the age of 21.

Membership does not expire.

The price for membership is $3,750.00 now.

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Waiver of Liability and Release

Registrant and family members agree to indemnify and hold harmless the landowners, the CrackerJacks Inc., each of its members, officers, agents, employees and successors, from direct and/or indirect or collateral participation in activities associated with CrackerJacks activities and events including displays, demonstrations, seminars, vending, and any other program activity.

Meetings or events with or by The CrackerJacks may involve exposure to pyrotechnic items, hazardous materials or other potential inherent dangers. Pyrotechnics includes working with materials having the potential to cause harm to persons and/or property. Each individual is responsible for taking any safety requirements needed to protect his or her person and property. Each individual is responsible for obtaining the training and experience for safe conduct.

I/we have read and understand the CrackerJacks Safety Guidelines and any other special event safety rules. In signing this form I/we agree to follow these rules.  I/we also agree to release The CrackerJacks Inc., CrackerJacks officers, CrackerJacks members, event organizers, host or any other person(s) connected in any way, from any liability or other legal action, while attending any meeting or event. The undersigned expressly state they are the custodial parent or guardian for any minor listed below and agree that all terms of this Waiver of Liability and Release applies to said minors.

Registrant also recognizes that violation and abuses of CrackerJacks safety and club rules may result in suspension of event privileges and/or revocation of CrackerJacks membership.

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