About Us

The CrackerJacks is first and foremost a social club. It exists primarily to allow those who like fireworks to share ideas and experiences. Club members range from professional fireworks manufacturers and shooters; to dedicated hobbyists who study every facet of pyrotechnics; to ‘ordinary’ folks like doctors, plumbers, factory workers, etc. who enjoy shooting fireworks in a safe and legal manner.

If you’re under 18, looking to make “M-80s” or other illegal fireworks or don’t intend to engage in our hobby in a safe and legal manner; you are definitely in the wrong place.

We hold events in northern Virginia, central and eastern Pennsylvania. We socialize, share fireworks stories, discuss safety, legal and legislative issues, take part in a seminars, learn how to setup a display, manufacture rockets, shells, etc. and shoot both 1.4G (Class C, Consumer) and 1.3G (Class B, Professional) fireworks. Then after the sun sets, we sit back and enjoy the show.

Being Legal

Being legal, with regard to fireworks, means you must abide by the rules, laws and regulations of over two dozen Federal, State and local agencies such as the BATFE, DOT, NFPA and the Fire Marshall just to name a few. Many of our members joined when they found it was impossible or simply impractical to enjoy fireworks within the limits of the law.

CrackerJacks is a registered not-for-profit corporation that holds a BATFE license that enables the club to store, manufacture and use fireworks, including high-explosives. Along with our BATFE license the club obtains a permit from local authorities before discharging fireworks. The club also follows all applicable DOT regulations.

We maintain a close working relationship with the County Board of Supervisors, the local police and fire departments. Our philosophy is to have an almost open door to law and code enforcement community so we can maintain confidence in our legal status.

We encourage everyone, especially our members, to be aware of and follow the laws regarding the sales, storage and transportation of fireworks.

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