January 15, 2020

In attendance

  • Bob
  • Darlene
  • Jane
  • Maz


  • Daron
  • Wes


Financial Report

  • last year came in in the black by about 8k – Bob to do up end-of-year report
  • annual corporate fees paid
  • VA fire marshal paid for storage permit
  • renewals have started to come in 
  • Bob to manually add accounts for members who renew by mail
  • the site is not recording expiration dates 1 year out which needs to be fixed
  • need to check that new members are auto-added to CJML
  • insurance renewal due in April
  • Bob to reach out to fire marshal about some material which needs to be disposed of
  • pyrobilia sales continue


  • check with Wes about current trailer
  • do we want to buy a new trailer
    • need a firm plan of responsibility
      • who would house it
      • who would haul it to shoots
      • what would we store in it
    • if we have places to store gear near sites then a small trailer would be a good solution
    • board members to brainstorm ideas to discuss at next meeting

Shoot Schedules

  • March, in Front Royal?
  • April, 1 day shoot in Culpeper
  • May 15-17 in Valley View 
    • Bill Turner being asked to do main display for May shoot
  • June, in PA?
  • September 12 in Valley View
  • October in Culpeper
    • Maz to nail down dates with sites
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