July 12, 2019

In attendance

  • Bob
  • Darlene
  • Daron
  • Jane
  • Maz


  • Wes



  • $29,000 in the bank
  • Some funds still outstanding from Jane and Eric
  • A substantial amount of pryrobilia still remaining
    • As possible, we should bring items to shoots for club members to use
  • Frank to reach out to new owners of the drag strip to make sure we still have access to the magazine
  • Frank coordinating with state police about ordinance disposalTim willing to transport to disposal facility

Shoot recap

  • Front Royal shoot
    • Fun low-key event
    • No recap email sent out – need to let the club know the highlights
      • Close to amenities
      • Plenty of space – up to 5”
      • Fire marshal stopped by, commended our safety procedures
    • A couple of faces we haven’t seen in a while came out
  • Very exciting that we’ve had 4 shoots already

Future shoots

  • Board voted for no August shoot
  • Other shoots
    • Investigating a couple places in PA
      •  Talking to owners of possible site near her house
        • Township ordinance may interfere with timing
    • Hibernia Park Chester Co PA being investigated as possible
    • Trying to track down the owner of inactive quarry which might make a nice option
  • Winter shoot location preferably in southern Virginia
  • Discussed recent CPSC recalls

Merch for the club

  • Potentially to be distributed at October shoot
    • Extra to be offered for sale
  • Jane to reach out to a couple vendors for quotes
  • Options: T-shirt, long sleeve shirts, ball cap, hoodie, bumper sticker, window cling
  • shirt design
    • Club logo
  • Future merch orders included as part of the renewal process?
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