May 8, 2019

In attendance

  • Bob
  • Darlene
  • Daron
  • Maz


  • Jane
  • Wes


May shoot

  • No scheduled events other than Bill Turner’s display
  • Dave O. may do some fireballs
  • Maz to reach out to Wes about possible manufacturing
  • 50/50 raffle
  • Board members will try to circulate/be more visible
  • Bob to bring more pyrobilia to sell
  • Need to find people to train on running the sound system for shoots

June shoot

  • Maz to send final paperwork to Warren County
  • No good space to host PGI DOC – maybe NeverSink Gun Club?


  • Pyrobilia sales continue – we’re making a good profit on this, do we want to give an additional donation back to the widow?
  • Finalized directors & officers insurance
  • Working on tax returns
  • Currently ~$30,000 in the bank
  • Daron working on additional content, including shoot site suggestion form
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