April 15, 2019

In attendance

  • Bob
  • Darlene
  • Jane
  • Maz
  • Wes


  • Daron


Culpeper shoot wrap-up

  • Bill pending for port-o-potties, etc
  • Dumpster charge may have been put on Wes’ personal card – he will check and follow up w/ Bob

May shoot

  • Valley View is a go for 17/18th
  • Wes to check w/ Jeff re: permit/contract
  • Maz to reach out to contact re: coordinating w/ fire department
  • Maz to reach out to Timmy re: additional insurance coverage
  • Maz to ask park service about selling food

June shoot

  • Front Royal – Warren County fairgrounds
  • 1 day shoot – proposed for June 15
  • <$1000 for site, dumpster, port-o-potties


  • Liability insurance renewal submitted
  • New binder for general insurance received
  • ~$1,500 in pyrobilia sales so far this year
  • Renewals for the year trickling in – members taking advantage of no late renewal fee
  • 1 life-time membership
  • Taxes due May 15
  • Darlene to reach out to Bill Turner about producing badges
  • Drag-strip where magazine is housed was sold – Bob has sent rent payment to new owner, need to follow up to get new contact info

Potential other shoot locations

  • West Virginia?
  • August – Bloomsburg? Maz to speak w/ Joe
  • September?
  • October – Culpeper
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