March 02 Shoot Recap

The CrackerJacks’ first shoot of 2019 was last Saturday, March 02, at the Neversink Gun Club in Reading, PA. It was a little slushy, very white, and rather chilly, but it was a well-attended, thumpin’ event!

About 30 people across the CrackerJacks and NLPC came out. It was great to mingle with our fellow Pyros from NLPC. Both clubs even earned a few new members! So WELCOME to anyone who joined last week!

Open shooting started at exactly 5pm and continued pretty much non-stop until 8pm, when we were treated to a display by Rocco P and single fuse 4×4 board displays by Dale T (CrackerJacks) and Peter D (NLPC). This was all capped off by a mass launch of almost 600 shells!! Many thanks to all who donated or fused shells!

Special shout outs to Dave O for building us 2 new shoot boxes (that you can see in the dark!) and Mark B for trying to chase away winter.

Our video of Frosty exposing his jolly soul has been shared over 225 times and viewed over 22,000 times on Facebook! It seems everyone is a fan of blowing up this winter!

Here are some more great photos from the shoot. If you have any photos or videos you want to share, you can share them in the comments below, post to our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram (@cjfwclub).

Our next shoot will be in mid-April at our Culpepper, VA site. Exact date to be announced VERY soon!

See you all soon!

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