February 7, 2019

In attendance

  • Bob
  • Darlene
  • Daron
  • Jane
  • Maz


  • Wes


Prep for March 2 shoot

  • Bob sent donation to NeverSink Gun Club
  • Bob will visit VA magazine to pick up some 1.75″ shells for mass launch
  • Bob will bring some pyrobilia to share with members
  • Dave O buying wood to keep us warm
  • Daron to bring pop-up for registration table

Logistics for March 2 shoot

  • Food nearby – collection for pizza? Potluck? – send follow-up email
  • Site fees and additional costs split between clubs
  • Guest fees split by which club brought in the guest

Membership management system

  • Board to review system Sat am
  • Discussion of moving away entirely from membership payment by check
    • less processing overhead, but has fees (about $4 per renewal)
    • some members may be unwilling/unable
  • Tracking of waiver acceptance when renewing online
  • Email members with advantages of renewing online – save time and postage


  • Drive traffic to new Passfire with Easter-eggs – prize for first finder or most points
  • Best time to generate content for the club – weekly Sat am missive email
  • Gather club event photos/videos for Bob to post on Instagram
  • Only 16 responses on Passfire swag survey – 75% for t-shirts – Maz to investigate

Shoot Sites

  • Valley View – Jeff continue as main point of contact?
  • Maz went to visit friend with possible site – won’t work out
  • Also investigating Old Dominion Raceway – need to follow up again
    • May be too expensive unless we work some extra incentive – public show?

Vendor sponsored shoot – June?

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