January 10, 2019

In attendance:

  • Bob
  • Darlene
  • Daron
  • Jane
  • Maz
  • Wes


Financial Report

  • Broke even for 2018
  • Fireworks expenses were from 2017 and B Turner’s 2018 show
  • Stereo system was one time expense
  • Pyrobilia (pb) sales still going strong
    • Bring pb to next event to share with members
    • Possible future pb themed CJ event
  • Need to f/u w/Mike Huber re: PGI class funds
  • Trailer expenses from Jeff outstanding 
  • Projection for 2019
    • Negotiate site fee with VV (Jeff)
  • Future Fundraisers?
    • Club merchandise
    • Idea: annual fireworks calendar – source photos from club shoots – possibly offer free calendar for takers of chosen photos

Survey Results

  • Board transparency
    • Hold quarterly web meeting open to all members
    • Post meeting minutes to website
  • Ability to shoot > 4″ shells not high on preference list
    • Opens location options for class C only events
  • Fees structure
    • Maintain $150 annual membership fee for full members
    • Remove $50 initiation fee for new members
    • New $50 member level “trial membership” good for 2 weeks replaces “guest” – trial fees credited towards same year full membership

Passfire & Social Media Messaging

  • Mini survey of the month
  • Include link to survey results
  • Include links to FB and Instagram
  • Parting shots from Jeff?
  • New pres intro

MAFF Roles & Responsibilities

  • Follow up with NLPC leadership
  • Schedule follow up meeting with all parties
  • Reach out to VA pyros for volunteers
  • Look into early renewal of insurance to start in late feb to allow time to process for permits
  • MAFF website updates – related to Public attendance? no public allowed at MAFF could bring membership interest

Shoot Schedules

Discussion to be held next Thursday 1/17 at 8:30 PM

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